Swap Up Local Hero in store

SwapUp, a second hand fashion marketplace, has proudly earned the title of “2023 Local Business Hero” from Australia Post. As part of the “Local Business Heroes” initiative, this accolade celebrates small businesses that enrich their local communities. Throughout August, SwapUp’s artwork will grace 26 Post Offices in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Have you seen them around?

A recent addition to the B Corporation community, SwapUp is on a mission to make secondhand shopping mainstream. Their approach streamlines selling and buying pre-loved items. Sellers simply use a “SwapUp Kit” to send items, letting SwapUp handle the process. Buyers get the same experience as if they are shopping for new items.

In essence, SwapUp’s recognition as a “2023 Local Business Hero” by Australia Post underscores its local impact and sets an inspiring example for businesses aspiring to merge success with community betterment. SwapUp’s journey pioneers a future where sustainable choices seamlessly integrate into everyday life.

Pictured: SwapUp team attending the last BBP Sustainable Business Awards.SwapUp team at the BBP 2023 AWARDS