About BBP

Better Business Partnership

Better Business Partnership is a free business sustainability program funded by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby City Councils in Sydney, Australia to promote and support small and medium sized businesses to be more successful through sustainability.  It educates and provides free advice on ways for local businesses of all types to be more efficient with resource use and make operational improvements to achieve environmental and social as well as economic gains for long term success.

BBP has been supporting local businesses in Sydney’s north shore since 2009 and has helped thousands of local small and medium sized businesses to save money on energy, water and waste costs.  Through membership of the Program, businesses have linked with local community and charity groups to volunteer and contribute goods and services

The Better Business Partnership program has as its core objectives to support small and medium businesses to become more successful through sustainability.  The nine sections of the program are non-exhaustive but represent key aspects of business operations that impact on its environmental, social and ultimately its financial performance.

Through tangible aspects such as energy, water, waste and reducing single use plastic through to less tangible aspects such as your staff and community engagement and business health, these all drive stakeholder engagement which translates into loyalty, connection with your customers and community and ultimately longevity in business.

As you complete the online assessment How Sustainable Is My Business? through the lens of your business, whether that be a home-based or from commercial premises, online only or bricks and mortar, consider the options available that are most relevant to your business situation and with the help of our BBP Program Managers (who provide dedicated support to businesses located within the Program Partner Council areas) or else doing your own assessment and building your own Action Plan, be assured that whatever actions you select to focus on will deliver long term and future value to your business.  Your customers and staff will appreciate that extra effort that a sustainable business demonstrates.

Ku-ring-gai Council

Ku-ring-gai local government area is the green leafy upper north shore of Sydney and is surrounded by Sydney’s natural beauty with Middle Harbour and the Ku-ring-gai National Park. While we recruit for the vacant BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in Ku-ring-gai local government area please contact Program Coordinator Amanda Choy with any inquiries. Ku-ring-gai Council has released rebates for accredited Better Businesses to improve energy and water efficiency.

North Sydney Council

North Sydney is a local government area immediately north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a busy CBD as well as many beautiful harbour bays and charming residential suburbs surrounding the harbour. Daniella MacDowell is the BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in North Sydney.


Willoughby City Council

Willoughby City Council is situated on Sydney’s North Shore between North Sydney Council to the south and Ku-ring-gai Council to the north. It’s jewel in the crown is the bustling retail and food mecca of Chatswood, reknowned for its Asian food variety. The BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in Willoughby City local government area is Jaynika Patel.


Sustainability Accreditation for business

The BBP accreditation process assesses eligible local businesses that are located and operating within one of BBP’s partner council areas for their current sustainability performance.  Badges are awarded for a minimum standard of performance in each of the 9 areas of the program, each representing  different area of Business Sustainability.  The program areas are:

  • Business Health
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Purchasing
  • Single Use Plastic
  • Staff
  • Community
  • Transport

Upon the earning of a minimum of 4 badges, the business is automatically eligible and entered into the next round of the Better Business Awards.


A core objective of the BBP program is to recognise and reward businesses who are leading the way in sustainability, in their industry.  The Better Business Awards held every 12-18 months recognise, celebrate and award local small and medium sized businesses in the BBP Partner Council areas which are outstanding in their industry leading the way in sustainable operations and who have demonstrated ongoing commitment and improvement across a range of areas.  Whether you are a business which is already sustainable we or even better, a business who has improved as a result of being a participant in the program and taking a step by step approach to become more sustainable, BBP will recognise and reward your business as a stand-out example for others to learn from.

Better Business Awards

As an accredited business in a BBP Program Council Area, you are automatically eligible for the Better Business Awards.  Held every 12-18 months, the Awards celebrate those businesses that are leading the way in their specific industry category in business sustainability.  Whether you are already a sustainable leader or you improve your sustainability performance over time, the independent judging panel will assess each case on its merits against those in the category.  

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