Bye Bye Plastic


Sporting and Community groups – NSW Plastic Bans are coming!

A wonderful part of living in Australia is being able to participate and have access to our numerous sporting and community organisations, which includes charities, religious groups, and non-for-profits. There are many times when members are gathered together over food, drinks or ceremonies.

Did you know that the NSW Plastics Ban that is coming into place from 1 June means that a lightweight plastic bag is not able to be supplied, even for free, by any business or organisation? Or that from 1 November single use cutlery including stirrers cannot be handed out?

The Better Business Partnership is a sustainability program, funded by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby Councils on Sydney’s North Shore.  We support not only small businesses but also social enterprises and community groups to make them successful through sustainability, with a focus on single use plastic through the Bye Bye Plastic Hello BYO initiative.

BBP is hosting a FREE ONLINE session with support from the NSW EPA to provide a forum for discovery and discussion on how the Plastics Ban applies to all sporting, community and volunteer groups. The session will cover:

  1. When each plastic ban is coming into force
  2. which single use plastic items are being banned;
  3. What scenarios these banned items feature in with sporting and community groups; and
  4. what are the easy and viable alternatives available to ensure compliance.

Our special guests are Plastic Free Sophia, who as a 14 year old school girl started the Ban the Plastic Bag petition and garnered over 10 000 signatures, which finally is culminating in this ban from 1 June and who is involved with the new Sustainable Sports Program.  We are also so happy to have local Ku-ring-gai Environmental Citizen of the Year Jen Stokes from Ku-ring-gai Boomerang Bags to inspire us with how to integrate community and environment in a fun and rewarding way!

WHEN: WEDNESDAY 8 JUNE 2022 6.30-7.30PM
WHERE: ON ZOOM (Will be recorded)
Register for your free spot here.


Calling all cafe owners!

Green Caffeen is a popular FREE reusable coffee cup scheme that has so far saved more than 1.1 million disposable cups from going to landfill.  BBP is very excited to announce that a partnership with Green Caffeen has launched across all BBP’s partner council areas – Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby.  The system is so easy for cafe owners and coffee drinking customers, and completely free.  The benefits for cafe owners are clearly economic as well as environmental and social.  With each disposable coffee cup and lid costing the cafe business on average between 15-20c each, its not hard to do the maths that each disposable not given out goes straight to the cafe’s bottom line.  As an exclusive opportunity for BBP member cafes, the BBP branded Green Caffeen cups will be rolled out and your team supported by the BBP Program Managers as well as the Green Caffeen team to help you and your staff understand and implement the simple process to be part of this great program.  We are recruiting  so if you are interested contact your  BBP Program Manager or email


Single use plastic has become a necessary evil for business due mainly to its cost factor and easy to obtain and dispose of, seemingly without consequence to the business or the consumer.  However as it is now painfully obvious that the amount of plastic is drowning the oceans and polluting the environment, businesses and consumers are increasingly conscious of trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic being used. There are so many other available single use items made of more sustainable materials that may be compostable or biodegradable.  

The Bye-Bye Plastic hello BYO website has a comprehensive catalogue of suppliers resources of non-petroleum based items.


Reusables are best, if you can find practical and cost effective alternatives to single use for use in your business.  The planet will thank you and increasingly, the general customer base appreciate a business’ efforts to go reusable.


There are many clever innovations and equipment available to invest in if you are keen to reduce reliance on single use disposables.  Water, coffee, storage and take away containers… the list goes on and is ever increasing as clever inventors come up with ways to balance high demand with convenience.

Check out the Bye-Bye Plastic website Suppliers Page for products and suppliers to meet your needs.

Single Use Plastic and COVID-19

With the threat posed by COVID-19 this year, it feels like we have no choice but to use more single use and disposable items for hygiene to prevent spread of the virus through the community.

North Sydney Council did their research to find ways that cafes and shops could still support the move away from single use in these challenging times and have come up with some cool info-graphics to explain the process.  Its a little bit of effort but well worth it in the end.  Click on the image to download, print and share!

Why is it time to give single use plastic the flick?

Apart from killing sea and bird life, clogging our oceans it is now infiltrating our food chains.  We created plastic to make our lives easier, but now it threatens our health and enjoyment. Time to say bye-bye plastic.