The next Better Business Awards will happen on Thursday 17 June 2021 at the Kirribilli Club Grand Ballroom.
Registration at 5:15 PM, event begins 6 PM. Parking on-site $12 and attire is smart business/evening.  

Finalists in the 9 categories have been selected and are listed below.

Winners were selected on Wednesday 26 May 2021 by a panel of independent judges.

Pictured; Kirribilli Club Grand Ballroom, the location of the 2021 Better Business Awards

The Judging Process

An independent panel of judges is selected from public and private sector with experience in sustainability for each round of the Better Business Awards.  Finalists are put forward in each category by the BBP Program Managers. 

The Judges

Katie Shammas – City of Sydney
Jonathan Wood – Sustainability Advantage
Belinda Bean – Republic of Everyone

The Judging Criteria

The following criteria will be used as the basis of the award judging process.

1. Philosophy

  • does the business (organisation or individual owner as may be the case) have a sustainable philosophy and mindset?  Are there sustainability focused objectives or goals stated as key drivers of the business?

2. Actions

  • what actions has the business already implemented? –
  • what capital, resource and time investments have they made
  • what changes have been made in the ways they are doing things to be more sustainable?
  • Are they leveraging any potential they have to transform others in their broader industry (versus “sitting on laurels”)

3. Influence

  • what impact has the business had on its stakeholders – customers, staff, and the broader community – to influence others to live in more sustainable ways
  • Does the business have any opportunity to cross pollinate what is achieved in one site to other sites or other businesses / franchisees.

4. Plans for future 

  • what has the business indicated it will do in the near to medium term future
  • do they have the scope to undertake these plans.

Finalists of 2021 by Category


Retail (Product Based) Business

The Retail (Product Based) Business category includes businesses that sell any product based retail other than fresh food which is served for immediate consumption.  Packaged consumable food items (including nuts, chocolate, honey products and tea) are included in this category.   The business may be purely online or bricks and mortar (or a mixture of both).

The Uniform Exchange – Ku-ring-gai
Elegant Outdoors – Ku-ring-gai
Neo Australia – Willoughby
The Source Crows Nest – North Sydney
Natural Solar – Ku-ring-gai
French Affair – Willoughby


Office Based and Professional Services

Office based and professional services businesses category has now been streamlined by the removal of personal retail services offered by medical/dental practitioners and now in a separate Retail Services category.   Consultants, sole traders and micro-businesses who use their home or shared workspace as their office and visit clients remotely would be included in this category.

Watergroup – Ku-ring-gai
Content Box – Ku-ring-gai
Wildkids Australia – Ku-ring-gai
McNair Yellow Squares – North Sydney
Simplex Engineering – North Sydney
Northcroft Australia – North Sydney
Enviroease – Willoughby
Interactive – Willoughby
Bijl Architecture – Willoughby


Food Services

This category replaces the Cafes and Restaurants category and covers all fresh food serving businesses including cafes, restaurants, take-away food outlets and catering services .   These businesses have comparable approaches to waste (food waste), water usage, purchasing, single use plastic and the need to comply with regulations relating to food.

Brick Lane Espresso – Ku-ring-gai
Kiplings Garage Bar – Ku-ring-gai
The North Spoon – North Sydney
Flat Rock Brew Cafe – Willoughby
The Steam Engine – Willoughby




Childcare is a well defined category in the Better Business Awards and there are no changes.  Childcare, early learning and preschools are eligible, both privately run and community based centres.

FitKidz Warrawee – Ku-ring-gai
East Lindfield Little Steps – Ku-ring-gai
KU West Pymble – Ku-ring-gai
Crows Nest Kindergarten – North Sydney
Northside Baptist Preschool – Willoughby
Chatswood ELC – Willoughby
Devonshire Street Children’s Centre- Willoughby


Retail Services

This is a new category that includes any service that is provided to consumers (not business to business) including beauty, dental, medical, massage, veterinary, day spas, pathology, hair dressing salons, physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Sudu Hair – Ku-ring-gai
Sessions Hair – North Sydney
4 Paws Vet – North Sydney
Castle Cove Family Dental – Willoughby


Social Enterprise and Community

A social enterprise is a business that has a primary stated objective as providing a solution to a social or environmental challenge.  It may be a not for profit, or a profit for purpose venture.  Community groups and charitable organisations with business goals are also included in this category.

The Possibility Project – Ku-ring-gai
Boomerang Bags Ku-ring-gai – Ku-ring-gai
North Sydney Community Centre – North Sydney
ACL Disability Services – North Sydney
Worn Up – Willoughby


Shopping Centres and Markets

The shopping centre and markets category is for the owners and managers of these establishments.  Overall energy, waste, water management are taken into account which will encompass individual retail and stall holders where applicable.  At the owner/manager level it is possible to influence the sustainability strategies of the retail and stall holders

St Ives Shopping Village – Ku-ring-gai
Turramurra Fresh Produce and Gourmet – Ku-ring-gai
Chatswood Chase – Willoughby
Northside Produce Market – North Sydney


Light Industrial and Manufacturing

Light industrial and manufacturing includes businesses which manufacture and produce products from basic materials, including recycled materials.  It also includes light industrial such as mechanics, panel beaters, trades and furniture makers, but excludes caterers who fall under Food Services.

Shed Eleven – Ku-ring-gai
Evoke – Willoughby
Maintained Urban Assets – Willoughby
Quad Services – Willoughby


Pubs, Clubs, Leisure and Fitness

This category contains all hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs and larger entertainment venues.  It also includes all leisure and fitness related businesses, big or small.  Some examples:  golf and bowling clubs, yoga and pilates studios, swimming pools, gyms, dance studios.  Pubs and clubs may serve food but they are also licensed venues.

Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Acquatic Centre – Ku-ring-gai
West Pymble Bicentennial Club – Ku-ring-gai
North Sydney Yoga – North Sydney
Sydney by Kayak – North Sydney
Miss Fit Dance Studios – Willoughby
Creative Sounds – Willoughby
Sterling Results Fitness – Willoughby

The voting for your favourite Better Business as the People’s Choice Award, has ended! Thank you for participating!


Better Business of the Year ’15 Earth Kids Turramurra
Better Business of the Year ’17 Urban Workstations
Better Business ’18 Turramurra Fresh Food & Gourmet