Business Sustainability


In the last century the unstoppable forces  of consumerism created a single minded focus of business centred on increasing shareholder value, constant growth and manufacturing and selling more and more.  It was all about economic profit and growth.  The 21st century is bringing a lot more awareness to the need for business to take a more nuanced approach , taking into account the environmental and social impacts of the business. Increasingly more business owners are finding that taking a triple bottom line balanced approach  can bring even more benefits to a business than focusing solely upon profitable growth at the expense of everything else.

The Better Business Partnership program has as its core objectives to support small and medium businesses to become more successful through sustainability.  The nine sections of the program are non-exhaustive but represent key aspects of business operations that impact on its environmental, social and ultimately its financial performance.

Through tangible aspects such as energy, water, waste and reducing single use plastic through to less tangible aspects such as your staff and community engagement and business health, these all drive stakeholder engagement which translates into loyalty, connection with your customers and community and ultimately longevity in business.

As you complete the online assessment How Sustainable Is My Business? through the lens of your business, whether that be a home-based or from commercial premises, online only or bricks and mortar, consider the options available that are most relevant to your business situation and with the help of our BBP Program Managers (who provide dedicated support to businesses located within the Program Partner Council areas) or else doing your own assessment and building your own Action Plan, be assured that whatever actions you select to focus on will deliver long term and future value to your business.  Your customers and staff will appreciate that extra effort that a sustainable business demonstrates.