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Energy efficiency is a number one for business no matter what source of energy is used as one of the largest costs of any business is energy costs.  Being efficient with energy and ensuring that behaviours, practices and purchases of energy efficient equipment are prioritised to save money in the short and long term.  Where possible moving to solar power will greatly reduce business energy costs over the longer term. 

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Business Health

Business Health addresses the fundamentals that are necessary for any business, big or small, to ensure it is able to develop and grow in a sustainable manner.

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Water efficiency and reducing water usage is becoming a critical issue for all businesses, especially in Australia with our fluctuating and unpredictable climate conditions.  For businesses that use a significant amount of water in the course of doing business, monitoring and taking steps to be more efficient with water use and reuse or recycle it where possible are key objectives.

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Minimising waste produced by the business and avoiding waste going to landfill are both key objectives of the BBP program.  The beginnings of circular economy principles, re-using and re-purposing of materials otherwise considered to be a waste product are also growth areas.

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Every business purchases goods, products and services as part of doing business.  The purpose of this section of the program is to encourage businesses to use the power they wield as a purchaser to source ethical, sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly products.  This ensures that the business has a clean supply chain throughout and can reinforce your business reputation as a truly Better business! 

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Bye-Bye Plastic

The “BYE-BYE PLASTIC HELLO BYO” section encourages businesses to become aware of the insidious nature of single use plastic in any business and looks at ways to reduce its reliance on single use plastic and replace with reusable items instead.

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Staff are the biggest variable cost of a business and should be the most valuable asset to any business.  Accordingly once a business starts to grow its team, it is imperative to ensure you recruit the right team members as they are a major investment and then continue to support and develop them to ensure their contributions and efforts continue to deliver value back into the business.

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Every business needs to engage with its community to deepen connections with its customer base and make the business a great place for staff.  From simple actions such as demonstrating support for groups in need in the community, social and environmental causes to creating a formal corporate social responsibility strategy.

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Sustainable Transport looks at the transport-related fossil fuel emissions produced as a product, either directly or indirectly as result of doing business.  This may be in how your staff and customers get to and from the workplace or to locations necessary in the course conducting business, or in relation to the goods and products that are used in the business.  

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BBP is a free local business program on Sydney’s North Shore which helps eligible local businesses to flourish through sustainability and be rewarded.  Businesses within Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby local council areas  have a dedicated BBP Program Manager to  provide free support and accreditation as Better Businesses who are then eligible for the prestigous Better Business Awards held every 12-18 months. 

But even if your business is not within one of the BBP partner Council areas, you can still invest just 20 minutes doing the free BBP online assessment “How Sustainable Is My Business?”

You will receive by email upon completion a feedback report on your business’ current performance across 9 key areas which you can then use to build your own Action Plan to improve your sustainability performance!



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