Staff Recruitment

The importance of hiring the right employees is far more valuable than a retention strategy.  It is important to take time to profile the critical attributes that you envisage the right employee having. Critical attributes are the core characteristics, qualities and qualifications that the right employee should have for the roles you advertise for.  A person who aligns with the mission and purpose of your business is also important.

  • Jobactive – Federal Government Website to match jobseekers to available roles

Staff Engagement and Satisfaction

Measuring and acting on staff performance and engagement can identify areas of improvement, engage them in the business, build loyalty and increase productivity.   Some ideas include:

  • Organise regular team meetings to inform staff, run training sessions, keep them engaged, gain some feedback and ideas.
  • Create quick engagement surveys to measure happiness regularly or create suggestion box for anonymous staff feedback
  • Organise yearly appraisals with each team member.
  • Put employee inductions in place. This can include a training day, induction booklet, mentor program etc.

Career Development and Performance

Research shows that people move jobs more often from lack of opportunity than for increased pay. Therefore, create an emphasis on employee learning, development and growth even if it makes the employee more attractive to the competition. Without seeing an opportunity on the horizon, few high potential employees will stay with a company and allow themselves to grow stagnant.