Better Business Partnerships online and in-person events and networking sessions on sustainability topics. We feature special guests and experts, including Better Business members, sharing business lessons and how it can help yours!  Missed a webinar? Recordings available below for a limited time.

Intro to Net Zero webinar

You’ve heard about Net Zero but what does it really mean? And how is it different to Carbon Neutral? 

In this session we’re going to cover the basics, help you understand how it can benefit you and give you the resources and information to take the next steps.

Join us to hear from guest speakers from council to update you on what’s already underway in your local area and why Net Zero is lifting the bar on environmental action.

If you’re ready to take action that really makes a difference, then get your ticket now to join us on the 7th.

Date: Wednesday 7th September 2022

Time: 2.00-3.00pm

Previous Sessions

August webinar banner

Build Loyalty Through Inclusivity

Guest speaker, Ben Gauntlett, the Disability Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission, spoke about the challenges, opportunities and solutions for SMEs and government organisations to be inclusive.

Watch the recording here.

Turning Circular for Food Service

If you work in the foodservice industry – restaurant, cafe, food court or home delivery business, register to learn how you can have a circular model whilst ensuring your business is profitable.

Watch the recording here.

NSW Plastic Ban for Community Groups

This session is how the NSW Plastics Ban applies to local sporting teams and community groups in NSW, with Kate Doutney from the NSW EPA answering questions such as what single use plastic items are banned and what viable alternatives are available.

Watch the recording HERE.


Are you ready for the Plastic Ban?

Join our BBP Program Manager, Ali Devlin and our expert guest speaker, Ebony Johnson from the National Retail Association, to understand what the ban means for your business or organisation. Get prepared now with information on which plastic items are banned and the alternative options available for you.

Watch the recording HERE.

Managing Food Waste

Sarah Rhodes, Willoughby Council BBP PM lead a broad overview of the topic of food waste – from farm to table! 

Watch the recording HERE.

Tricky waste solutions for Hair, Beauty and Pet grooming salons

Ali Devlin, BBP hosts Pip Curnow, Sustainable Salons on how waste streams from the hairdressing and beauty industry can be part of a closed loop recycling initiative. 

Watch the recording HERE.


Terracycle shows how to build your customer base through participation in community waste initiatives.

Watch the recorded video from 10 Sept HERE.

Attract your ideal customer using your social mission.

Business Coach Brook McCarthy explains how to communicate the message to your audience to build customers.

Watch the recorded session HERE.  

Are carbon offsets right for your business?

Sarah from BBP gives guidance on the complex world of carbon offsetting, with examples of carbon offsetting programs that BBP have vetted to give you key indicators on what to look out for. 

This event was recorded on Friday 20 August 2-3pm. 

Watch the recording HERE.

How to make your business sustainable!

Willoughby BBP Program Manager Sarah Rhodes shows how to implement eco-friendly initiatives in your business!

This event was recorded on Friday 13 August 2-3pm.

Watch the video HERE.


Ku-ring-gai Council Business Webinars

Ku-ring-gai Council Open for Business webinars and sessions help local companies and individuals maintain and protect their businesses.  Since April 2020, more than 800 attendees have learnt about marketing, business planning and much more.  Watch previous recorded Business Support webinars here.

 NetStripes Futurise Insight Webinars

Futurise Insights was developed to provide you with a greater level of understanding on crucial insights in the current market trends, and consumer buying behaviour, and to increase your digital awareness on what your business should be undertaking during this period.  Keep an eye on our future webinars here