The Circular Economy is one of those big opportunities for communities and governments to come together united with a common goal to design waste out of our systems, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural ecosystems.

One of BBP’s goals is to be an integral part of fostering local Circular Economy community hubs such as those envisioned by NSW Circular who released this visionary report last month.  We already operate as a virtual hub by tapping into what is happening across our local sustainable business community and actively connecting those who have excess materials to offload, or resource requirements to fill.

(From top, The Uniform Exchange, Boomerang Bags, Worn Up)

Some real life connections made in our BBP community, where we have an active network of circular economy champions include The Uniform Exchange in Pymble who recycle school uniforms and related materials keeping them in use.  When they are no longer wearable, another BBP member Worn Up, step in at end of life to collect the uniforms directly from local schools and then deconstruct and re-form them into new products such as tables and tiles.  Local Ku-ring-gai community group Boomerang Bags have recently tapped into Worn Up’s material stockpile through the BBP connection to make into bags and other useful items.

There are also opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the Foodservice industry, to go circular and reduce waste.  Our next webinar on 6 July is just about that,  Foodservice Goes Circular so learn more here and join us for this interesting session with special guests from Green Caffeen, RePlated and Best Bagel Co.