over 50 adults standing in celebration for a group photo

Attendees of the BBP End of Year event with Greener

As the year draws to a close, the BBP community came together for an inspiring and enlightening End-of-Year event, generously supported by Greener and hosted by Olea Lindfield. The event featured esteemed speakers, including Ku-ring-gai Mayor Sam Ngai, Tom Ferrier from Greener, and Nikki Ciancio from BLAEK Store. With 52 attendees spanning various industries and sectors, the event was a celebration of the strides made in sustainability and a testament to the collective commitment to a greener future.

Nikki from BLAEK Store shares her story with a microphone

Nikki from BLAEK Store

Kuringgai Mayor Sam Ngai speaking at an event with a microphone

Mayor Sam Ngai

Mayor Sam Ngai reflected on sustainable progress, commending the community’s efforts. While acknowledging achievements, he stressed the ongoing journey toward true sustainability. Tom Ferrier from Greener focused on the financial benefits of green energy. He showcased how businesses can save money while contributing to environmental conservation, aligning financial goals with sustainability. Nikki from Blaek Store shared a success story, highlighting the transformative impact of partnering with Greener. The story showcased reduced carbon footprint, increased efficiency, and cost savings, illustrating the marriage of sustainability and business success.

The event drew attendees from diverse sectors, including non-profits, childcare, photography, and business consultancy. What united them was a shared commitment to sustainability. The gathering provided a unique platform for like-minded individuals to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. The diversity of backgrounds and industries represented underscored the broad impact and relevance of sustainable practices across various sectors.

The BBP End-of-Year event was a celebration of the community’s achievements and the progress made towards a more sustainable future. The event served as a reminder that by working together and embracing sustainable practices, businesses can thrive while contributing to a healthier, more environmentally conscious world. The connections made, make our community stronger.

As the curtains closed on BBP’s End-of-Year event, the lingering sense of optimism and determination echoed the collective commitment to sustainability. With Mayor Sam Ngai’s call for continued progress, Greener’s financial insights, and BLAEK Store’s success story, the event was a powerful reminder that businesses, big or small, can play a pivotal role in shaping a greener, more sustainable future. The connections forged and the shared enthusiasm for sustainable practices ensure that the BBP community is well-positioned to make an even greater impact in the coming year.

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