The impact of recent increases in COVID transmission rates in the Greater Sydney area is having an increasingly detrimental effect on the lives and livelihood of many of our local businesses. At this time, financial assistance, support measures and tax relief can make a significant difference.  At the state overnment level of support, the most comprehensive place to find out all the information is the official NSW Covid-19 Support website which is frequently updated. 

To assist with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Willoughby Council has approved three Business Support packages.

  • An initial package in March 2020 injected $2.3 million in rental and fee relief
  • An update in October 2020 put another $0.5 million into the local economy.
  • A third package was recently approved in August 2021 for another $0.5m to assist businesses through the latest lockdown

Willoughby Council’s Business Support Package 3 approved last week, is injecting around $0.5m into the local economy from the beginning of lockdown until the end of September.  Should the lockdown be extended, the package will continue to put around $168,000 per month into the local community.The current direct support for business is:

  • Fee waivers (non critical for health and safety) – Charging has stopped for any business that normally pays a fee to council for environmental health inspection fees, fire safety fees, footway dining and advertising fees, and car sharing parking permits
  • Penalties – higher levels of discretion relating to enforcement of some infringements
  • Promotion – Find the latest business support from the NSW Government, access the Councils Grants for the Community as a source for COVID/emergency adaptation both in the community and economic areas

Find out more details here on the Willoughby Council website.