Case Study - Sudu Hair

Sudu Hair is a boutique salon in Roseville and in 2018 won the Peoples Choice Award & was a Retail & Specialty shop finalist. The business has membership with Sustainable Salons, a resource recovery program tailored for the salon environment ( Sudu Hair exemplifies sustainability in action as they integrate the sustainability philosophy in everything they do. Their achievements include a full lighting upgrade, recycling and repurposing paper, metals, hard plastics and hair with Sustainable Salons, installation of energy and water efficient appliances and showerheads, reusing wastewater from the dryer, volunteer hairstyling days for local community groups and shelters, and purchasing products from a BCorp accredited business.

Business Health

  • The business has a strong mission and vision that guides everything they do
  • The business has a Business Plan and Marketing Plan
  • The website is vibrant, user friendly and reflects their vision
  • They are active on social media with facebook and instagram
  • They continually seek feedback from their customers and look for ways to improve the business
  • They have created space to ensure pram and wheelchair access


  • They have done a full lighting upgrade – replacing halogen downlights with energy efficient LEDs
  • They monitor their energy bills
  • Have installed Eco Heads shower heads to minimise of hot water use
  • They use a small clothes airer in store to dry reusable towels when possible
  • Installed a 7-star super-efficient condenser dryer and reuse the water for plants
  • They have signs at powerpoints to encourage staff to turn off equipment
  • They use natural ventilation where possible instead of air conditioning
  • Installed an extractor fan & whirly bird.
  • Have sheer curtains at the front of the store to minimise glare & sun radiant heat.
  • They purchase 25% accredited GreenPower


  • Eco Heads use up to 65% less water than regular non water saving salon shower heads
  • Have installed a 4 star water efficient dishwasher and a 4 Star WELS rated front loader washing machine (61L/wash).
  • They reuse the dryer condenser water to water plants.
  • Chemicals from hair treatments collected to prevent them going down the drain. Chemicals and rinsed water are sent to be processed and water is separated for re-use


  • Member of Sustainable Salons – recycles up to 97% of salon waste through Sustainable Salons industry resource recovery service
  • Recycled aluminium foil used within the salon and then separated and recycled
  • Re-use or recycles hair, metals, chemicals, paper/cardboard and plastics
  • Food waste separated and composted in Bokashi Bucket
  • Waste materials utilised within the salon such as shampoo bottles as pots for plants and buttons donated by customer in art work in shop fit out
  • They have clearly labelled bins for clients use and signs to educate them on their mission and strategy
  • Hair is donated to affiliated charities.
  • Customers can return their containers for recycling with Sustainable Salons.
  • They turn hard plastic bottles into plant pots, or use them for storage of clips and tint brushes etc


  • Sustainability credentials of suppliers play an important role in selection. Major supplier Davines has strong sustainability credentials including using natural ingredients, transparency through the supply chain including products designed and formulated using 100% clean energy, use of recycled/recyclable materials in packing and referencing product ingredient sources/farms on labellingPurchases Re-foil (recycled aluminium foil) and biodegradable gloves and other sustainable products through Sustainable Salons portalThe furniture and shop fit out is mostly second hand and reclaimed furnitureThey use ethical coffee, Eco friendly green slips eyeware protection, biodegradable bin liners and paper is 100% recycledThey use Dominant All Purpose cleaner 100% Australia made/owned and eco friendly
  • Very low use of office paper and consumables

Bye Bye Plastic

  • All of the retail products are in containers that are classified as food grade and produced using 1/3 less plastic than any other brand. Clients can utilise the packaging for food storage.
  • Upcycle buttons as a feature wall
  • Customers can return their containers for recycling with Sustainable Salons.
  • They provide Boomerang Bags to customers
  • They only use reusable crockery and cutlery, no plastic


  • Flexible working arrangements – work life balance is a priority – staff do not work more than 2 days in a row nor do we work weekends
  • Staff allocated a 3k training budget to use at their discretion each year.
  • Signed up staff to attend Accidental Counsellor course with Lifeline
  • Staff attend national conferences each year.
  • Staff entered into competitions within the Goldwell calendar which includes photographic collections and industry recognition.
  • Regular staff social events and celebration of staff birthdays and anniversaries
  • Structured commission so that staff work together and are not competing
  • Open friendly management and tries to be flexible with staff
  • Invests in staff development e.g. sent staff member to London for training conference


  • Located within walking distance from Roseville Rail station
  • Map on website

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