Do you need some help with your social media or marketing in your small business?  If you are doing all of this yourself or in your already stretched team, you might want to consider taking on a senior university media intern this year.

Media Internship (MMCC3150) is a unit that students complete in the final year of either their Bachelor of Marketing and Media or Bachelor of Media degree. Students completing this unit have skills across marketing, media, PR, journalism, social media, screen, radio/podcasting, website design, and content production.

It is an opportunity for small business owners in the BBP program to connect with young talent and see if there is a good fit for later em0ployment.  At the very least you hopefully will get some valuable support and be able to help guide a young person towards a new career, whether or not they stay with you after the internship and their graduation.  We at the Better Business Partnership have hosted two interns from this program.  One of last year’s interns actually still works for us part time.  There is definitely a need to be clear with what you require your intern to do, a separate project is ideal.  Also being prepared to be clear in your guidance and set clear expectations about delivery outcomes and timing.

If you are interested in hosting a student or group of students during session dates, the next thing to consider is what you would like the students to do, what skills they will require, who at your organisation is available to supervise, and the work schedule.

MMCC3150 internships need to run concurrent to university session dates, with students required to complete a minimum 45 hours of placement. The session dates for 2022 are:
• Session 1: 21st February – 5th June
• Session 2: 25th July – 6th November

To find out more click here for the information sheet or email PACE Faculty of the Arts.