Green Caffeen is a popular FREE reusable coffee cup scheme that has so far saved more than 1.1 million disposable cups from going to landfill.  BBP is very excited to announce that a partnership with Green Caffeen has launched across all BBP’s partner council areas – Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby.  The system is so easy for cafe owners and coffee drinking customers, and completely free.  The benefits for cafe owners are clearly economic as well as environmental and social.  With each disposable coffee cup and lid costing the cafe business on average between 15-20c each, its not hard to do the maths that each disposable not given out goes straight to the cafe’s bottom line.  As an exclusive opportunity for BBP member cafes, the BBP branded Green Caffeen cups will be rolled out and your team supported by the BBP Program Managers as well as the Green Caffeen team to help you and your staff understand and implement the simple process to be part of this great program.  We are recruiting  so if you are interested contact your  BBP Program Manager or email