Since COVID-19 entered our lives, bringing with it a necessary focus on hygiene, it has been very difficult to maintain the fight against single use plastic cups for take-away coffee.  Many cafes have been hesitant to accept customers’ own cups for fear of cross infection and single use cups have seen an increase in use.

Green Caffeen offers a solution that works for all involved:  the cafe business, the coffee drinkers AND the planet!  This simple system provides reusable coffee cups to cafes for customers to use FREE and return within 30 days using an app that is downloaded onto a mobile phone.

Willoughby City Council is the first council on Sydney’s north to partner with Green Caffeen to reduce single use coffee cups.  With Council’s sponsorship, Green Caffeen are rolling out their cool reusable green cups branded with the Willoughby Council logo to participating cafes throughout the Willoughby local government area.   BBP is working with Green Caffeen and other partner councils to expand the program across the North Shore.

Benefits for Café Owners

Green Caffeen have done the numbers and have calculated that café owners can save over $2000 on the cost of over 7000 disposable cups over a year for every 30 regular coffee drinkers!  And save over 100kg of waste heading for landfill or the environment.   They also have mapped out simple and efficient processes for your staff and customers to follow in using the Green Caffeen system, complying with COVID regulations and minimising wasted effort and space in your business.  There is a lot more information on the Green Caffeen website.

Calling All Willoughby Cafes

With the support of Willoughby Council, we are calling out for all cafes within the Willoughby local government area (Chatswood, Artarmon, Naremburn, Willoughby).  Put your local café on this map of all Green Caffeen participating cafes.  Contact BBP to sign up your local Willoughby café to be part of this great program and help us all say bye-bye plastic cups!


Posted by GreenCaffeen on Friday, 18 December 2020