Our current world is hooked on consumerism and a “take-make-waste” production model. This linear economy is reflected in our addiction with single-use plastic products. Single-use plastics are designed to be used in an instant and then thrown away. The life of plastics lasts thousands of years which then has the potential to damage other ecosystems such as oceans and wildlife. Why do we do this? Convenience and cost are the core reasons.

The foodservice industry which includes restaurants, cafes, food courts, take-away and home delivery, use single-use plastic extensively. Is it possible for this important industry to reduce their consumption of resources, improve our quality of life, whilst ensuring foodservice businesses remain profitable?

The circular economy provides us with a framework to re-design our production and consumption systems moving towards “zero waste” as a key outcome. What would it look like if we reused materials in the foodservice industry, reducing waste and reducing cost? What innovative solutions and businesses are out there that can help us move closer to a circular economy?

BBP hosted a special webinar this month during Plastic Free July focusing in these very issues.  Featuring a panel of experts in this area:

  • Naomi Tarzisz, founder of Replated a , a reusable and swappable takeaway container service
  • Martin Brooks and Sarah Hollingworth from Green Caffeen, swap and go reusable coffee cup scheme
  • Sarah O-Brien of sustainable BBP member cafe, Best Bagel Co, Cremorne

Watch the recorded webinar here.  Subtitled captions are available on the YouTube video in English.