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Rotary Wahroonga
1728 Pacific Highway , Wahroonga, New South Wales 2076, Australia

The Rotary Club of Wahroonga is a volunteer fellowship organisation that provides service to others via a range of community activities based on understanding, goodwill and peace. Their community work includes fundraising, coordinating events, and connecting people to support others. They work with all members of society including youth and the homeless, and are an integral part of sustaining the fabric of our society.

Social Enterprise
St Ives Shopping Village
Saint Ives, New South Wales 2075, Australia

St Ives Village is Ku-ring-gai community’s local shopping centre in St Ives. The centre has implemented some great sustainability initiatives including energy efficient lighting, water efficient bathrooms, and electric vehicle charging stations, and are keen to continue on the sustainability pathway for their customers and tenants.

Shopping Centre/Village/Market
JTR & Associates
895 Pacific Highway , Pymble, New South Wales 2073, Australia

JTR & Associates is an accounting firm located in the Ku-ring-gai LGA with an owner that has a passion for helping animals at rescue centres! This passion sees the business doing pro-bono work, offering discounted fees and monthly donations for animal sanctuaries and staff volunteering at a local animal rescue shelter.

Office Based Businesses
The Urban Garden Co
Saint Ives, New South Wales 2075, Australia

The Urban Garden Co is a landscape design company that creates gardens to complement modern life – they are liveable, low maintenance, and sustainable outdoor spaces.

Light Industrial / Commercial
Boomerang Bags
8 Lovat Street , West Pymble, New South Wales 2073, Australia

Boomerang Bags Ku-ring-gai is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. This unique enterprise brings people together to make reusable bags from fabric waste; it not only saves plastic and fabric going to landfill, but also has a significant social impact by enabling stimulating conversations and social connections for the volunteers.

Social Enterprise

GoForFit is a personal training business that provides a range of bespoke group fitness classes across the Ku-ring-gai LGA. The business utilises both indoor and outdoor spaces for its fitness classes and is expanding its services to include tailored wellness workshops.

Sydney Equine Assisted Services
12 Goulburn Street , Saint Ives, New South Wales 2075, Australia

Sydney Equine Assisted Services is a unique social enterprise that offers equine assisted learning and activities in the Ku-ring-gai Council area. The business connects people, animals, and nature through fun and accessible experiences to increase social cohesion and reduce loneliness.

Social Enterprise
Good Motive
Saint Ives, New South Wales 2075, Australia

Good Motive is a new, innovative company that has sustainability principals at its forefront. It was launched by two local energy experts who have a vision to transition Australian vehicles to electric. The business offers tailored advice on electric vehicles to its customers, and leverages their purchasing power to obtain the latest electric vehicles at a reduced price for its members. This innovative company is only 6 months old, and has a big vision to make a difference for the future!

Office Based Businesses
Wildkids Australia
Wahroonga, New South Wales 2076, Australia

Established in 2019, WildKids Australia is a sustainability consultancy that aims to reconnect children with nature. By delivering sustainability workshops and bringing the wonders of the natural world to childcare centres, WildKids facilitates a sustainable mindset with the youngest members of our community.


YWaste is an environmental social enterprise with a commitment to reduce hunger and food waste. The business has sustainability at its forefront with its clear goals to reduce the amount of food sent to landfill and to provide those in need with free or reduced cost meals.

Social Enterprise
33 Ryde Road , Pymble, New South Wales 2073, Australia

WaterGroup is one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia and is a leader in smart water metering, leak detection and water efficiency solutions.
The consultancy won the 2018 BBP Office Based Businesses and Professional Services Award for its outstanding sustainability achievements with both its clients and within its own internal operations.

Office Based Businesses
The Uniform Exchange
993 Pacific Highway , Pymble, New South Wales 2073, Australia

The Uniform Exchange is a unique retailer that buys and sells second hand school uniforms and text books on Sydneys upper north shore. Their operations exemplify sustainability principles with key drivers of their business to ensure no waste to landfill and to give back to the community. In 2017 The Uniform Exchange was a BBP Retail and Specialty Shop Finalist and a Peoples Choice Award Finalist, and in 2016 they won the prestigious Sustainability Champion Green Globe Award. As they expand, they continue to deliver an impeccable service whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront of their operations.

Fit Kidz Warawee
15 Brentwood Avenue , Turramurra, New South Wales 2074, Australia

Fit Kidz Learning Centres was established in 2004 and comprises nine learning centres in NSW. Fit Kidz Warrawee is the most recent addition to the Fit Kidz family of centres and already has some great sustainability initiatives in place.

Two Creeks Honey
42 Pleasant Avenue , East Lindfield, New South Wales 2070, Australia

Two Creeks Honey is a boutique local business run from the family home that is making a big impact in the sustainability sector. The business was the Better Business Retail and Specialty Shop winner in 2018 and prides itself in having sustainability at the core of its business operations. Achievements to date include running a ‘closed loop’ successful business that uses minimal energy and water and generates no waste, a commitment to no plastic use, supporting and buying from local businesses, and mentoring and educating the local community in bee keeping and associated environmental issues.

115 Mona Vale Road , Pymble, New South Wales 2073, Australia

Interock is a home office based business consultancy in Pymble with client interaction at client premises within Sydney and interstate. Interock operates their home and office with sustainability at the forefront and has many achievements such as full lighting retrofit, home horticulture, and reuse of waste on site.

Office Based Businesses
Eastern Road Pharmacy
101A Eastern Road , Turramurra, New South Wales 2074, Australia
Turramurra Fresh Produce
Turramurra, New South Wales 2074, Australia

Turramurra Fresh Produce & Gourmet Market won the Better Business Award and Shopping Centres and Villages Award in 2018. The market uses minimal energy and water, provides Boomerang bags for customers, encourages reusable items, and works with its vendors to improve its sustainability