TOMbag started out as a concept when founder Sasha was pregnant and motivated to rid her life of single use plastic.  The one item she struggled with was the ubiquitous light plastic bin liner.  When she dug deeper into the problem she was shocked to discover the problem was huge and that in Australia alone, over 3.3 Billion bin liners were used every single year.  Fast forward to now and Sasha and her husband have designed and produced the world’s first reusable bin liner out of 100% upcycled PET plastic bottles.  The bin liners are easily washable as well as leak-proof.

Another exciting announcement is that TOMbag was recently certified as a B Corp in April 2022.  This is a real achievement for businesses which are certified as it measures the company’s entire social and environmental impact and demonstrates their commitment to sustainable, ethical business practices and transparency in governance.

TOMbag works with businesses providing them with different sizes of reusable garbage bags including custom-made solutions. TOMbag is committed to donate at least 3% of its revenues to charitable partners with an environmental focus. As a part of this commitment TOMbag plants a tree in Australia for each sale made via a partnership with One Tree Planted. TOMbag also contributes to the restoration of the Great Barrier Reef thanks to their partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

As a special offer to the BBP network to celebrate this achievement, TOMbag are offering a 15% discount for online orders.  Use code BBP15 when ordering from the TOMbag shop.