The effect of climate and what is in our power to reduce or reverse the adverse effects is becoming an increasingly talked about topic.  It is very complex and for many people there is too much jargon and conflicting views to be able to take it all in. Our goal at the Better Business Partnership is to start to unravel some of the complexity and break it down into practical and tangible steps and language that we can all understand.

To reduce green house gas emissions, we must try to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere.  This is also know as “decarbonisation”. One of our business members, Suzy Orme from Enviroease, is very generously offering to a limited number of BBP businesses a free decarbonisation consultation.

1. Make life easier and cut through complexity: receive easy-to-use, custom-built tools to measure and track progress on your decarbonisation goals
2. Understand your business better – get accurate baseline data on carbon & energy for internal management and reporting
3. Plan for the future
Take practical simple steps to improve now with a clear pathway to the future
Bonus: it supports actions for your BBP accreditation too!

How to get involved:

1 Go to the website and read the information under the heading Deep Dive Assessment: Carbon and Energy. Download
the free PDF Decarbonisation Strategy

2 If interested in being involved in the trial, click CONTACT US then enter your details including company name and CODE BBP22. Suzanne will contact you to talk about the offer further including confidentiality and terms.