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Waste Saver Service – FREE Assessment

Disposal of waste is a significant cost to businesses and commercial waste collection services can impact our local neighbourhood.

With this in mind Better Business Partnership (BBP) has developed a solution to help local businesses, landlords and building managers to save money and reduce waste and their impact on the environment. Introducing the Waste Saver Service The Waste Saver Service provides businesses with a free, face-to-face consultation with a BBP Partnership Officer who will provide unbiased information and ideas on how your business can reduce its waste and save on costs.


  • Save money
  • Save time with the help of a dedicated consultant
  • Receive a tailored report that outlines waste saving ideas
  • Receive assistance to secure government grants (up to $25,000*)
  • Show your staff and the community your business cares about the environment
  • Gain publicity for the good things your business is doing


Waste Saver is as Easy as 1-2-3

Waste saver - easy as 123

1. Receive your free consultation – businesses who register for the service will a free, face-to-face consultation with a specialist from the BBP team.

2. Report and support – receive a tailored report to help you action waste reduction measures in your business and ongoing staff support to help reach your waste reduction goals.

3. Access money and confirm savings - The BBP team will help you access available government grants*, such as the $25,000 available to businesses to help save on implementation costs. Get involved today To register to receive this service free of charge, please email lesley.butler@betterbusinesspartnership.com.au with your contact details. * Subject to project and applicant suitability.

Get involved today

To register to receive this service free of charge, please email  lesley.butler@betterbusinesspartnership.com.au with your contact details.

* Subject to project and applicant suitability.

Recyle E-waste 

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered and used as raw materials for new products.
    • about 50 000 handsets yield about 300g of gold
    • 1 tonne of gold ore yields only 2-5g of gold
  • Between 14 to 16 million. 31% of mobile phone users have 2 or more old mobiles at home. 70% have 1 old mobile at home

Source: mobilemuster.com.au

  • Steel is 100% recyclable and does not reduce in quality each time it is recycled, meaning it can be recycled again and again.

  • It takes 95% less energy to make aluminium from scrap than from virgin materials.

  • Five 2-litre recycled PET bottles produce enough fibre-fill to make a ski jacket. 

Source: Sustainable Choice, Local Government Purchasing for Sustainability

As outlined by recylcenow.com there are a number of very important reasons to recycle that many never consider.

It reduces landfill. Recycled products are turned into new products and are consequently diverted from landfill.  Reducing the amount of materials we send to landfill (or the tip) is very important as landfill produces emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

It helps protect the environment. Recycling reduces the amount of raw materials that need to be extracted from the earth to make new products via mining and logging.  It also reduces the refining and processing of raw materials which in turn causes air and water pollution.

It saves energy. It requires much less energy to use recycled materials rather than raw materials in the manufacturing process.

It conserves resources by converting used materials into new products.  So instead of making new products by having to use new raw materials extracted from the earth we can reduce the need to consume natural resources by recycling what is already available.

It can be a donation to charity.   Your trash may be someone else’s treasure.  Your business could donate unwanted items to charity stores.

It can save money.  Companies can save money by finding efficiencies in their processes.  For example as companies look to reduce waste they can find new ways to use products such as sending boxes back to suppliers to re-use or selling high quality food waste to other companies to make into animal feed.  This will inturn reduce the overhead costs of the companies and can result in higher profits and reduced prices.

For businesses a growing source of information on where you can recycle your waste items can be found at the Business Recycling website.  

Residents will find some useful information on where and how to recycle their waste on the Recycling Near You website.  

If you would like to make recycling easier to understand in your workplace then follow this link to  posters and materials that can be printed and placed around your office/ showroom/ business.