Sustainable Purchasing

Every business regularly buys goods and services.  How about thinking twice and making a sustainable choice when you next make a purchase.

Your business may purchase everything from tea and coffee for the office, paper and cartridges for the printer, uniforms for your workers, carpet for a refurbishment, mobile phones, electricity and the list continues.

Sustainable purchasing is all about thinking twice and making a choice when you purchase goods and services.

Sustainable products are those that;

  • contain recycled content
  • are reused or recycled at end of life
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • save water and/or energy
  • are non toxic
  • help protect biodiversity and habitat
  • are made or recycled locally
  • minimise unnecessary purchasing
  • provide long term value for money.

Source:   Sustainable Choice, Local Government Purchasing for Sustainability

A sustainability overview with a Better Business Partnership Project Officer will help you to identify opportunities to purchase sustainably.

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