Energy Saver Resources

Using your energy efficiently is an excellent way of saving money through reduced power bills and saving resources through reduced reliance on power. An energy assessment with Better Business Partnership is a great way to understand the behaviours and amount of energy used within your business. 

Areas to investigate are lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, hot water, compressed air, kitchens and office equipment. In the meantime there are a selection of useful resources below  to help your business lead the way in becoming more sustainable.    


Better Deal: Lighting Replacement Fact Sheets
The Better Business Partnership commissioned an independent assessment of energy efficient lighting retrofit products for businesses. The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) assessed products and suppliers against price, product quality, warranty conditions and quality of installation. Based on ATA’s assessment the following suppliers and products are suggested for the replacement of existing lighting with energy efficient lighting.

 Better Deal: Lighting Incandescent Bulb (Edison and Bayonet) Replacements - 231 KB
 Better Deal: Lighting T8 (fluorescent tubes) Replacements - 272 KB
 Better Deal: Lighting Halogen (downlight) Replacement - 374 KB
 Better Deal: Lighting Emergency Lighting Replacement - 247 KB

Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet: Lighting (pdf)
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning (pdf) 
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Refrigeration (pdf)
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Hot Water (pdf)  
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Compressed Air   (pdf)
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Cooking and Kitchens  (pdf)
Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet:  Office Environment (pdf)
Business Energy Efficiency   
Saving Power for small business  
Sustainable Growth by Jon Dee Download his book (pdf)