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Business Profile:

Urban Workstations takes responsibility for environmentally sustainable design. The core of our business is to recycle and re-use office workstations to meet the high standard that the corporate market demands. Often companies relocate and it is uneconomical to disassemble and transport workstations to the new office. Or they want to update to a new image. We can re-use existing assets or recycle them for future use to avoid unnecessary landfill. Our team takes the approach of working closely with the customer to ensure that the highest standards of customer service and environmental accountability is achieved.



  • With a goal to be a zero-waste business, all products sold and used by the business are salvaged, re-used, and
    re-purposed office products
  • When clearing an office they on-sell products which can’t be used for their business to generate income
  • Separates all waste in the warehouse – individual bins for different metals, e-waste, commingled, and cardboard
  • Their business operates by salvaging and purchasing old office fit-outs which would otherwise be sent to landfill. These fit-outs are then re-furbished and on sold to new customers
  • Offers free recycling bins to businesses when they order a new office fit-out
  • Office supplies and stationery are sourced from old businesses for free instead of going to landfill 
  • When re-upholstering, choose companies to do the work that manufacture and supply sustainable fabrics made from recycled resources, and dispose of the old fabrics correctly
  • Energy saving lights installed throughout office and warehouse
  • High Efficiency Instantaneous Electric hot water system installed
  • Supports not-for-profit organisations including Mission Australia doing work for them and giving a 60% discount on normal costs



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Time in Partnership:

40 months


48 Hotham Parade, Artarmon NSW 2064
Tel: 02 9777 8799

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