Walker Street Early Learning Centre (Guardian)

 Walker Street Early Learning Centre (Guardian)

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Business Profile:

Walker Street Early Learning centre is located on Walker Street within easy reach of North Sydney station. The team is committed to the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework and continually up-skill and train their educators to provide the best care and education for their children. Sustainability action is embedded at Walker Street Early Learning Centre.


  • Have a Closed Loop Organics compost machine to compost their food waste in 24hrs
  • Energy Efficient Appliances purchased and regular maintenance in place 
  • Worm farm for food waste and sell worm tea to parents in exchange for gold coin donation to charity
  • Have clearly labelled recycling bins throughout the centre and educate children about waste and recycling
  • Use waste products in arts and crafts
  • Energy Saver assessment for the centre to identified  energy savings, worked with their building management to gain control over their A/C
  • Monitor and reduce laundry’s energy needs
  • Installed a rainwater tank in their yard to collect rain water for the garden and water play
  • Run fundraising events for the starlight foundation and other charities
  • Collect and recycle their soft plastics at their local supermarket



Badges Earned:

Time in Partnership:

51 months


141 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel: 1300025007

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