Earn Extra BBP Badges

15 March 2011

Your business may already be undertaking sustainable community actions and able to earn additional badges.

Exciting initiatives you and your business could be involved in:
Community support – supporting a local or global community or charity, training and mentoring, stocking products that support communities
Staff support – volunteering, healthy workplaces, work life balance
Sustainable transport – encourage public transport, cycle to work, car share, tele-conference, use local suppliers and produce
Sustainable purchasing – locally grown, sustainably sourced, products support communities.

You can see the status of your business by searching for yourself on our interactive map  http://www.betterbusinesspartnership.com.au/Find-a-better-business.html

If you are already running some great initiatives in your business or would like advice on how to be more sustainable in these areas call us, we can work with you to provide positive actions to help your business and provide recognition through local media! Feb Newsletter Badge

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