Calls for more investment into a circular economy for NSW

22 May 2019

BBP Councils call for more investment into a circular economy for NSW

BBP’s Partner Councils Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby, have joined with other Councils across NSW to save the viability of recycling which is under threat with the stockpiling of thousands of tonnes of collected recycled materials.

Since China banned the importation of recycled materials from other countries in January 2018, Australia, the United States and other countries have been left with a growing pile of separated materials ready to be recycled, but with nowhere to go. This has meant that the ongoing viability of collecting of recyclable materials by local councils in is in jeopardy.
To highlight this, Councils have launched the “Save Our Recycling” campaign urging the NSW Government to take action. The NSW government collected $727 million in 2017-18 from industry, businesses and local government through the Waste Levy, with $300 million of that paid by councils. Currently, only about 18 per cent of the $300 million paid by councils to the state government is reinvested into local recycling and waste management, with the rest disappearing into government coffers. Save Our Recycling calls on the NSW Government to reinvest revenue collected from the Waste Levy into recycling facilities, a circular economy fund and sustainable waste management in NSW. Recycling and repurposing waste offers a golden opportunity not only to reduce landfill, but to create jobs and revenue in NSW.

According to Local Government NSW, currently only 18% of the residential waste levy is returned back into waste avoidance and recycling programs.  The majority of the waste levy revenue is taken by NSW Treasury as general revenue, rather than being utilised to address the very problem it was created from.     
BBP has undertaken more than 550 waste assessments of local businesses. During these assessments, businesses indicated that they are interested in recycling more but want to know their efforts are having a real impact.

“We are separating and recycling our businesses waste and we don’t want to see this being stockpiled and not being out to good use, clearly there is a business opportunity here to change this but it may need a little help to establish that” said Roland Davies, owner of BBP member business The Steam Engine in Chatswood.   
To find out more or show your support for Council’s Save our recycling campaign visit:  

Waste Revolution needed in Australia

Gayle Sloan, CEO of the Waste Management Association of Australia spoke at BBP’s Circular Economy Conference, TechShift Exponential 2018 offering an industry perspective on the enormity of the waste issue Australia is facing, and the urgent need to establish a true Circular Economy in Australia.

Take a look at Gayle's presentation below:

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