Member Profile - Earth Kids

15 April 2015

Earth Kids is a new childcare centre developed on a disused plant nursery site in North Turramurra.
BBP met with Manager of Earth Kids, Diane Salter, to provide them with information to consider when developing the site. Their aim was to create a unique childcare space that used natural elements and recycled materials to enhance the children’s and the staff’s experience whilst minimising the carbon/ecological footprint of the building and operation of the business.Earth Kids Garden

The Centre has been designed based on the principles of sustainability, using building products that promote a safe and healthy environment. Ample natural light and ventilation is a feature of the building design to enhance the health benefits of the children's indoor play space. They have large ceiling fans, extensive insulation, bamboo shading the western walls, pergolas and high ceilings with louvers to assist with cross ventilation and let hot air escape. The existing 100,000L rainwater tank collects water, flushes toilets and is used in the laundry and garden.

In the development of the Centre they have avoided the use of products that contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which are chemical compounds that have high enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporise and enter the air. VOCs that escape into the air contribute to air pollution outdoors and inside our homes) and are selecting finishes that create an acoustically comfortable indoor space. They have taken steps to reduce waste through their supply chain and do not accept plastics, including polystyrene, from suppliers. Food scraps are composted and they have introduced worm pots into the garden spaces. The children dry their hands with reusable hand towels laundered on site and air dried.  Earth Kids Handtowels

Earth Kids opened last year with 49 children and staff enjoying the space and gardens. BBP is excited to see childcare centres going above and beyond to provide creative and well-designed indoor and outdoor learning environments.

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