IM Connect

08 October 2014

IM Connect specialise in integrated mail processing solutions. IM Connect have proactively searched for ways to reduce their energy consumption and recycle wherever possible. Their success is partly due to the positive attitude of the staff who have been very supportive of saving costs and helping the environment through reduced waste and energy use. They were motivated to join BBP to reduce their waste and save money.

Achievements: IM Connect Pallets

• Rewired lighting to ensure only the lights that they need are on i.e. can turn on sections of the factory, not all of the factory on one switch.

• Waste materials are separated and recycled. These include paper, cardboard, different metals (copper, mild steel and stainless steel).

• Recycle all pallets for re-use in shipping specialist equipment, create crates with cardboard sides for shipping of large equipment to reduce use of timber,

 • Reuse polystyrene when shipping packaging equipment.

• Even though IM Connect don’t use much water they have recently installed low flow showerheads for staff showers, tap aerators and have dual flush toilets.

• Donate regularly to charities and support community based initiatives through sponsoring newsletters.

Congatulations IM Connect. 

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