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15 April 2014

North Sydney Markets

The North Sydney Market on Miller; and Northside Produce Market are held on the second and third Saturday of each month. Operated by the North Sydney Community Centre, a huge effort has been made this year to improve the sustainability of the markets.

Achievements include:
• Providing new recycling bins to allow the public to recycle their waste;
• Encouraging stall holders to use environmentally friendly packaging;
• Generating awareness of sustainability among stall holders and the public;
• Encouraging applications from stall holders who are selling products that are more environmentally friendly such as re/upcycled, second hand, organic and fair trade;
• Setting up bike racks and bike maintenance facilities to encourage the public to cycle, especially to the markets; and
• North Sydney Bushcare providing information on Bushcare to the market goers.

North Sydney Community Centre

North Sydney Community Centre is a not-for-profit community organisation that aims to enhance the quality of life for those living, working or studying in the North Sydney area and wider community. Situated on Miller Street, the centre offers courses, community events, after school care, venue hire and playgroup facilities.

Achievements include:
• Improvements to the design of the building to incorporate many environmentally sustainable features, including:
- Passive design
- Solar hot water system
- Rainwater harvesting tank
- Water efficient taps
- Waterless urinals
- Dual-flush toilets
- Energy efficient lighting
- Use of natural ventilation;
• Staff training and awareness e.g. coffee cup recycling campaign;
• Working with local businesses to reuse their waste for arts and crafts;
• Flexible work hours and regular staff reviews and training; and
• Raising $2,000 to help create birthing kits for Zonta International, an organisation that aids women giving birth in developing countries to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality.

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Visit your local BBP member:
North Sydney Markets, 220 Miller Street, North Sydney
Market on Miller – second Saturday of each month, 9am – 3pm
Northside Produce Market – third Saturday of each month, 8am – 12pm

North Sydney Community Centre:

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