Food Rescue, BBP join OzHarvest for a day.

02 July 2013

Three of the BBP team were lucky to see the amazing work of OzHarvest in action. OzHarvest is a food rescue charity, collecting excess food to feed those in need.
On a very recent rainy Friday morning the team joined three vans on their pick-ups and deliveries in Sydney. Hosted by knowledgeable drivers they set out on the well-planned route to big food donors, like Aldi and Harris Farm, to collect food for redistribution to people in need.
Things that stood out for the team were how organised and streamlined the pick-ups were, well prepared food parcels lay waiting in the usual spot for easy, fast collection by one of OZ Harvests 12 Sydney vans. Both the donors and OzHarvest have the process running smoothly with redistribution and deliveries eagerly awaited.

From 36 pallets of carrots to a mountain of croissants, nothing goes to waste. This business is of course built upon reduction of food waste and while they rely on a stream of food to redistribute they also encourage good stock control measures to reduce waste to begin with.

Being involved with OzHarvest certainly streamlines ordering for many businesses as well as stimulating innovation. Businesses look at value adding to aging stock, like packaging soup vegetables for instance.

The team encourage BBP businesses to think about volunteering a whole day to help in one of their vans for collection and deliveries. The team thought this was a great experience with a well organised not-for-profit doing fantastic things to reduce food waste and provide food to hungry people. Click through to see what else your business could do to support OzHarvest


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