Better Business Talks - Social Media

08 May 2013

On Monday 29 April, 58 people attended our first Better Business Talk on social media. The evening showed us that businesses are enthusiastic about using social media platforms and learning from local experience.

Hot tips from the night:
• Start with and focus on one platform – see if it fits for your business.
• Celebrate and communicate your point of difference.
• Be authentic, be real.
• Be passionate and keep it interesting - remember it is your product or service that you are promoting.
• Keep trying – test things out and see what works.
• There are no rules about how frequently you post. If it is interesting, people don’t mind.
• Follow some businesses online, see what they are doing and what you like about the way they are doing it.
• Golden rule when posting/pinning for business:
Jib, jib, jib, JAB = Give value, give value, give value, ask for business

BBPTV: Watch the video on our launch of the Better Business Talks series.

Learn how to set-up and manage a Facebook page for your business

Our next event will be a Facebook 101 workshop on Monday 20 May for small business owners who do not yet have a Facebook page for their business and would like to set one up. This workshop will also cater to people who have already created a Facebook page for their business but are looking for tips to manage it better.

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