Trim your Bin - Business Waste Tool

14 February 2013

Bin Trim Program from the NSW Environment Protection Authority

The EPA have developed a simple tool for small and medium sized businesses to better measure and manage their waste. On average, more than 70 per cent of materials in your general waste bin can be reused or recycled, including packing wrap, cardboard boxes, metals, timber and food.

The Bin Trim tool steps through a spreadsheet to help you analyse your waste, looking at options for reducing waste and costs to your business. Visit for details. The  EPA has also developed a number of useful factsheets on waste types at and ways specific industry sectors can curb their waste at

Local recycling or reuse options for your business can then be explored through Planet Ark’s Business Recycling Near You site. Visit

Small businesses can also access new, free ‘Drop Zones’- recycling drop-off points for old or unwanted televisions, computers and computer products such as printers, keyboards and mice. A limit of 15 items per drop-off applies. A complete list of what is and is not accepted, terms and conditions and Drop Zone locations can be found at 

If you would like BBP to help you improve waste management in your business or you think you are ready to earn your waste badge, give us a call.

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