Fridge Timers Save Money - Case Study

18 October 2012

Businesses with drink fridges have seen significant savings using timers to turn off power overnight. The fridges remain cold enough to ensure quality of the product is not affected as the doors are not being opened. Moreland Energy Foundation, in Victoria, have offered timers to businesses using drink fridges and have found indicative savings of $135+ per year on your electricity bill and at least 1.1 tonnes of carbon pollution every year. The timer works by turning off the supply of electricity to your fridge when you close. They set the timer to suit business needs - it will automatically switch off drink fridges (with non-perishables) when closing and switch them back on before the business opens.  The timers simply plug into your power socket so no rewiring is required. Installation is estimated to take only 2-5 minutes per fridge.  If you are interested in seeing if your business might benefit from a timer such a this please call us on 9777 7516. To see the bottle shop case study from Moreland Energy Foundation

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