Small business and the Carbon Tax

19 July 2012

On July 1, 2012 the carbon tax was introduced. The carbon tax sets a price on carbon pollution, $23 per tonne of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. Only Australia’s most polluting businesses are subject to carbon tax.

Therefore small business are not subject to the Carbon Tax. However there may be an indirect impact of a carbon price on small businesses, such as a minor increase in products and services that create large amounts of carbon pollution, such as electricity and waste disposal.

The introduction of the carbon tax presents an opportunity to review your business and identify opportunities to save. The team at BBP are happy to help. Already over 100 BBP members have accessed the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program (EESB) and received an audit of their business and been provided with financial assistance of up to $5000 towards cost effective actions.      

To find out more contact the BBP team on 9777 7519 or email

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