August Business of the Month - Eco At Home

12 July 2012

 Eco At Home won over the judges of the inaugural Better Business Awards, with their approach to product selection that strongly considers sustainability. The business, both storefront and online, provides customers with a broad product range with the environment in mind. To achieve this, the owners undertake a rigorous process of product review in order to select products; taking into consideration materials, manufacturing process (including conditions of workers), certifications, packaging and transport to gauge their quality, performance and sustainability credentials.

The owners have been mindful to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by undertaking a number of energy efficiency initiatives, including installation of energy efficient and LED lighting and decommissioning air-conditioners. This has also enabled them to invest the savings in 100% green power. Eco At Home also invest in the community with schools receiving free natural paint products to brighten up their spaces. These steps have resulted in the business receiving their BBP Accreditation for 2012/13 and winning the Sustainable Purchasing Award at the Better Business Awards held on June 5, World Environment Day. 

Our BBP case study can be viewed below.

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