Upcoming BBP Initiatives for 2012

20 January 2012

Upcoming 2012

  • Shop Better – Crows Nest
    As part of the ongoing Consumer Awareness Campaign, we will pilot an innovative cross promotional scheme encouraging the community to support their local shopping village.
  • Better Business Awards
    An exciting celebration of the achievements of member businesses to be held in June at the new Concourse in Chatswood.
  • Better Deal – Energy Efficient Lighting
    An initiative to assist members to access quality, cost effective energy efficient lighting solutions for your business.

We look forward to working with you and your business on these upcoming projects.

Energy Efficient Lighting RFP Product Lists:

 EEL RFP Scenario 1 - 34 KB

 EEL RFP Scenario 2 - 39 KB

 EEL RFP Scenario 3 - 36 KB

 EEL RFP Scenario 4 - 37 KB

 EEL RFP Scenario 5 - 36 KB

 EEL RFP Scenario 6 - 39 KB

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