December Better Business Newsletter 2011

20 December 2011


Dec Mumu

December's Champion Business - Mumu

The Champion Business for the month of December is Mumu Grill in Crows Nest. Watch our new Mumu video on our BBP website.

Mumu Grill have demonstrated that they are a champion of sustainability through a range of actions they have implemented within the business. The owner, Craig Macindoe, strongly values and incorporates sustainability into his business philosophy, including sourcing his own products, aiming to reduce his food miles, using grass-fed meat and organic products wherever possible.  

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Willoughby City Council are Winners of the LGSA and Bluett Awards

Congratulations to Willoughby City Council for their multiple achievements as part of the 2011 NSW Local Government and Shires Associations (LGSA) Excellence in the Environment Awards and the prestigious Bluett Awards.

BBP was highlighted in the applications for these awards to demonstrate Willoughby Council’s commitment to working with the business community towards sustainability.

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Dec FB

BBP Facebook Campaign

BBP have launched a new Facebook campaign to promote BBP businesses to residents and consumers as part of the Consumer Awareness Campaign. Each Facebook ad features a village shopping centre that has embraced BBP.  This promotion is specifically targeted to Facebook users on the North Shore, these ads will direct users to the BBP page, allowing them to find BBP businesses in their local area. 

‘Like’ our BBP Facebook page to follow BBP’s news feed online.

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Dec Xmas

Sustainable Christmas

This Christmas, the BBP team encourage you and your families to incorporate sustainability into your preparations. Here are some ideas on how to have a greener Christmas for 2011:

  • Use pre-loved bags, newspaper or fabric to wrap your gifts
  • Reuse Christmas decorations and make your own.
  • If you are hanging lights for the festive season then use energy efficient LED lighting
  • Support businesses working towards sustainability - find your local BBP members

BBP wishes you and your family a happy holiday season for 2011!

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Xmas Card



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