Sustainable Christmas

18 December 2011

Dec XmasThis Christmas, the BBP team encourage you and your families to incorporate sustainability into your preparations. Here are some ideas on how to have a greener Christmas for 2011:

Cards and Decorating

  • Buy cards from charity stores or make your own recycled cards
  • Recycle your old Christmas Cards
  • Use pre-loved bags, newspaper or fabric to wrap your gifts
  • Reuse Christmas decorations and make your own.
  • If you are hanging lights for the festive season then use energy efficient LED lighting
  • Buy a living Christmas Tree and plant it in your garden after Christmas


  • Buy locally sourced and seasonal free-range products
  • Buy food with limited packaging
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • Use leftovers for other meals
  • Buy a compost bin in preparation for the remaining scraps
  • Avoid disposable plates and cups, bamboo plates will last and are dishwasher safe

Green Gifts

  • Give homemade gifts ie. baked treats in reused jars
  • Visit vintage markets or local second hand fairs and support your community
  • Consider a Kris Kringle arrangement with your family and friends
  • Give an experience instead of a gift ie. tickets to a show
  • Consider donating to charitable organisations you support
  • Support businesses working towards sustainability - find your local BBP members

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