How Will a Price on Carbon Pollution Affect You?

18 November 2011

NOV 2011 Carbon TaxThe Australian Government will be introducing a price on carbon in July 2012. This will initially be a carbon tax on the top 500 polluters for the first three years but will then transition to an emissions trading scheme after that.
Small businesses will not be required to pay a carbon price. Small businesses will not have to count or monitor their carbon pollution or electricity use.
However there will be some indirect cost impacts on small businesses, such as higher electricity bills and increases on waste disposal costs as a result of bigger companies passing on the costs of the carbon price. But these costs are projected to be modest.
BBP recognises that any increase in operating costs at this time affects the viability and profitability of local businesses. Already we are working closely with motivated members to provide access to financial assistance to prepare for the potential impact of a price on carbon. For example, BBP provide access to the Energy Efficiency for Small Business program that provides a subsidised energy assessment and access to up to $5000 to implement energy saving measure in your business.

The BBP team are happy to visit your business and discuss options available to assist your business at a time convenient to you. Call 9777 7516 to arrange an appointment.   

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