Results of the BBP Have Your Say Survey

18 November 2011

NOV 2011 ResultsRecently we invited all BBP members to have your say on BBP. To assist with this we invited you to participate in an online survey. A total of 55 surveys were completed and the results are as follows: 

Motivations for becoming a BBP member

The top two reasons why members joined BBP initially were:

1.      To reduce the environmental impact of my business (44.7%); and 

2.      To find long term cost savings (23.7%)

Satisfaction with BBP  

BBP members were generally happy with the approach of the BBP team with, the majority indicating that the BBP officers ‘understood our situation and what mattered to us (71.1%).

When asked if businesses would recommend the BBP program to other businesses, a total of 78.9% either said they had already recommended BBP to other businesses or would be willing to do so.

Implementation of suggested actions within business

Encouragingly a total of 76.3% of respondents had implemented actions or devices recommended by BBP! 

However the barriers to implementing all the actions recommended by BBP included,

1.      Paying for the changes (56.6%),
2.      Obtaining the landlords approval (34.8%) and
3.      Finding the time to get quotations and manage implementation (30.4%)

Future Initiatives

The top two most important initiatives BBP could investigate include: 

1.      Assisting BBP members to get a better deal on electricity contracts (57.9%); and

2.      Encouraging landlords to assist business tenants in implementing actions that reduce your ongoing operating costs (44.7%)

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