November’s Champion Business – Pablo and Rusty’s

18 November 2011

NOV 2011 PabloPablo & Rusty’s is a café located close to Gordon railway station. The owner, Saxon Wright, has also just opened a new store in Lane Cove within the busy mall.  Saxon has an environmental policy that drives his business and his daily operations at both stores. His tables are made from old floor boards, the beams from old houses, and all crockery sourced from local ceramic makers.  All his produce is free range or ethically farmed and his work vehicles use green energy.  He sources his coffee from environmentally responsible and ethical farmers.

“BBP have actually facilitated some of the funding of some of those activities and we are in the process of getting rebates. They’ve offered me a lot of input and assistance, and they’ve been quick to get back to me and discuss ideas... they’ve been amazing”

Saxon would like to see all local businesses in Gordon become involved in the Better Business Partnership, which, he believes, will attract people in to the area to do all of their business in Gordon because they will be part of a forward-thinking community and contributing to businesses that are doing things for the greater good. 

Check out what Pablo and Rusty's are doing with BBP on our new You Tube channel.

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